Dear Affiliate Marketer (or Aspiring Affiliate Marketer):

Do you know how John Chow – A successful internet marketer – made $757,232 (over two hundred million Naira) from just one business model in 2018?

Do you know how most successful internet marketers in the world make money online? What is the source of income that has made most of them so famous?

The simple answer is Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing is simple: X owns a product. You sell the product to Y – and X pays you a commission based on the number of products sold. That’s all!

A major advantage of being an affiliate marketer is that your income will be higher as an affiliate marketer targeting a global audience when you convert your earnings to Naira.

Why do I recommend Affiliate marketing to you whether you’re at home without a job or you have a job but want some other source of income? 

Because it offers some attractive advantages:

  •  You can start making money this month. This is not like Google Adsense where you have to wait for several months to make money. With affiliate marketing, you can start making money this month once you have proven techniques that work and you use them religiously.
  • There is no limit to how much you can earn. As an affiliate marketer, your monthly earning is not stagnant like the 8 to 5 jobs where the salary is fixed. This month you can earn N120,000 and the next month up to N200,000. It can keep increasing depending on your effort. You can join as many affiliate program as you wish in order to increase your earnings.
  • You don’t need a certificate to start. No one will ever ask for your qualifications in this business. As long as you can read and write English and you know what people are demanding, all you need to do is to make it available to them and watch your account grow.
  • You can start right now even if you’re broke. This is not an offline business requires huge startup capital. You can get started with as low as N3000 and be on your way to the success of making millions of Naira.
  • Your job is safe. You have nothing to worry about if you must keep your full-time job and still use this as a supplementary source of income. All you need to do is to dedicate few hours of work and get back to your daily routine.
  • Be your own boss. I’ve always wanted this too. I don’t like the pressure of having to wake up every morning and be compelled to report to a boss in a firm or organization. I believe you feel the same way. Now you can choose when you want to work and when you want to catch some fun and watch TV. No compulsion.

In addition to all these benefits….

. See Screen Short Of Deposits Of My Affiliate Comission To My Gtbank Account!

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This is not your regular “how to make money with affiliate marketing” book. This is a “how I make money with affiliate marketing” book. In this guide, I show you exactly what I’ve done to make a success of affiliate marketing here in Nigeria. No secrets.

This Ebook will save you months and even years of research, trials and errors.

In its pages, you’ll discover:

  • What is Affiliate Marketing? Page 5
  • How to Access Affiliate Products to Market. Page 11
  • Where do I Start My Affiliate Marketing? Page 12
  • Requirements for Starting Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria. Page 14
  • Evergreen Niches in Affiliate Marketing. Page 22
  • How to Choose the Best Affiliate Product to Promote. Page 24
  • How to Promote the Chosen Product. Page 28
  • Creating Our Affiliate Squeeze Page. Page 29
  • How I Get Traffic to My Affiliate Products. Page 33
  • My Free Traffic Sources. Page 34
  • Paid Traffic Sources. Page 49
  • How to Withdraw Your Affiliate Earning in Nigeria. Page 62
  • And so much more…

Why you should own this Ebook, The Affiliate Jagaban
  •  Succeed before others. You can use Google to get information online. But that will take you weeks, months, or even years of research, trials, and errors to make it. With this Ebook in your hands, commitment is your only barrier.
  •  Most online information may not be applicable to Nigerians. This is an Ebook written by a Nigerian for Nigerians. All the techniques have been used and confirmed here in Nigeria. They all work!
  • Avoid Pitfalls. Here, I’ve put together my experience to help you avoid pitfalls and fast track your journey to succeed as an affiliate marketer.

This is what experts say about the book!
I don’t endorse or recommend Nigerian information marketers because they mostly sell craps. After reviewing The Affiliate Jagaban, I told myself that a time bomb has been released in the Nigerian market and its explosion will produce some set of new affiliate millionaires in the country. I want all my client’s fans and loved ones to grab and utilize this guide. Bank my words for it and thank me later. From what I saw, this affiliate marketing guide can help anybody succeed in affiliate marketing in the world. Not just Nigeria. – Adebola Oluwaseun, CEO Mega Cash Consult Solutions

I have reviewed and confirmed that this affiliate marketing course is a super life changer. I have read hundreds of business guides by different Nigerians but I’ve yet to see any that was compiled to this quality. It is loaded with mind blowing ideas not just for newbies but also experts. If you really want to learn affiliate marketing the right way or you want to magnify your commission, do not miss this. – Jibrin Aminu, CEO Arewa Wealth Consult

After reviewing The Affiliate Jagaban, I felt privileged to be called upon to review such a loaded guide. It will surely help Nigerian women. Both working and stay at home mothers to have financial abundance. The guide is a must have as a lot of underground techniques that can help newbies and professional affiliates succeed in affiliate marketing were discussed. – Ezimma N. Chidi, Founder of Nigerian Women Entrepreneur Network

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Sadiq Ahmad Bello

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About Me

My name is Sadiq Ahmad Bello, and I’ve been in the internet business world for over half a decade. I research, learn, practice, and write about legitimate online business.

I’ve been through several trials and errors but lately, it’s success, success, and more success. I’ve tried various forms of internet businesses ranging from mini importation to information marketing to freelancing and now, affiliate marketing.

Because of my vast experience and success in affiliate marketing, I’ve been nicknamed the “Affiliate Jagaban” which means the “Affiliate Boss”.

I’m an active member of popular forums on the internet. My username on Nairaland is importexpert. I’m a two-time nominee of the most influential Nairalander award of the year. My topics get up to hundreds of thousands of views and engagements within a short period of time because of my large number of followers.

One of my aims in life is to be able to make anyone I come in contact with better than I met them. This is why I’ve been able to influence about 2000 Nigerians through seminars, webinars, and one-on-one consultancy.